342 years of property experience working for you

342 years of property experience working for you

342 years of property experience working for you

When it comes to local property knowledge, Henzells Agency is a leader in the field with an incredible 342 years of combined experience working for you.

From our founding directors to our fresh faces at the front desk – Henzells’ depth of professional and life experiences is unparalleled in the market, adding up to a rewarding and stress-free experience for those who trust us with their business.

At Henzells we strive to create a team culture where all our people are nurtured and supported from our sales people and property managers through to our administrators and receptionists. 

A culture of energy, enthusiasm and motivation fuelled by inspiration and ideas, brings the best outcomes for our team and our clients.

The basis of the Henzells business has always been our dedicated staff who have great pride in serving the Caloundra community. They are our greatest asset and our most important investment.

We strive to keep our staff engaged and committed. Turnover is low with our average staff tenure being eight years. It is vitally important our staff sustain a love for what they do, recruitment being one of our most important challenges.

We take care of our team and they take care of each other. This positive attitude not only makes for a more enjoyable work place, but benefits the business as well. We have a long list of repeat customers who enjoy dealing with the same trusted staff time and again.

At Henzells Agency we do not just run a successful business. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for all property needs. Over the last 88 years, we have not merely survived, we have prospered. We are constantly reinventing ourselves complementing our old-fashioned service with a modern business approach.

As the year nears its end, we want to thank our amazing staff. At the very core, it is these people who set us apart:

Roy Henzell Proprietor – 51 years
Garry Waters Proprietor - 34 years
Katherine Allan General Manager – 18 years
Kyle Davies - Sales Manager – 10 years
Iain Simms - Property Consultant – 10 years
Clare Thompson - Property Consultant - 8 years
Brittany McCurdy - Property Consultant – 5 years
Brad Judd - Property Consultant – 5 years
Chris Smith - Property Consultant & Auctioneer – 2 years
Linda Feltman Property Consultant – 1 year
Georgia Warwood - Sales Associate to Linda Feltman – 1 year
Michael Fay Property Consultant – 1 year
Morgan Bonanno - Property Consultant – 4 years
Paul Bell  Commercial Manager - 14 years
Andrew Douglas - Commercial Sales & Leasing Consultant - 2 years
Tanya Jimmieson - Senior Property Manager – 8 years
Mikaela Simpson - Senior Property Manager - 8 years
Michelle Judd - Senior Property Manager – 6 years
Julie Garland - Trust Officer Letting & Payroll – 19 years
Laura Baker - Leasing Consultant – 3 years
Louise Tilden - Commercial Property Manager – 2 years
Jacinta Schwerin Property Management Accounts 8 years
Lisa Mollenhauer - Sales Secretary – 16 years
Kristi Hawkins  - Sales Support – 4 years
Nicole McCarroll  - Marketing Coordinator - 2 years
Laura Sellen - Marketing Assistant - 2 years
Kirra Cheyne - Customer Service Officer – 1 year
Tara Henderson Customer Service Officer - 4 months
Danielle Smithson Holiday Team Leader – 9 years
Michele Kelly - Holiday Reservations Consultant – 9 years
Deborah Newnham - Holiday Reservations Consultant – 2 years
Amanda Stevens Holiday Reservations Consultant – 3 months
Janine Kemen - Quality Control Officer – 2 months
Suzanne Winkley - Holiday Reservations Consultant – 5 years
Sandy Callaghan - Office Manager - Pelican Waters – 24 years
Steve Webb - Financial Controller - Pelican Waters – 30 years.

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