And in Good News, Buyer Sentiment Stays Strong

And in Good News, Buyer Sentiment Stays Strong

And in Good News, Buyer Sentiment Stays Strong

Tune into the radio, turn on the TV or click onto a news site these days and it’s unlikely to be an uplifting experience.

Genuine global troubles notwithstanding, the barrage of bad news is unrelenting and it is weighing heavily on many of us. Unfortunately, bad news sells.

However, when you really take notice of what is happening in your local community, there is much to be positive about.  Inspiring examples of people helping each other through crises are all around us and as the wheels of the economy start moving again as COVID restrictions are carefully peeled back, the mood improves by the day.

The media does an important job keeping us informed, and even safe, in troubled times. Let’s not lump all media into the one basket, but it is certainly clear that some messages aren’t helping. Reports of a 30% to 50% property meltdown may have a lot of shock value, but it is no way reflective of what we are experiencing on the ground in the real estate industry here on the Sunshine Coast.   

We are taking things month by month at Henzells, but buyer sentiment has remained consistently strong through the COVID period. Confidence is, in fact, high.

In May our team achieved 20 sales, on the back of 15 the month before, which is only slightly down on pre-pandemic volumes. The sales occurred across all suburbs, property types and prices with high-end homes around the $850,000 to $1 million mark, interestingly, figuring strongly.

For many, the lockdown has given them the opportunity to think long-term about what type of lifestyle they want for themselves and their families, and put their plans into action sooner rather than later. Once the borders re-open, it would be reasonable to assume the ‘sea change’ will be more enticing than ever for southern city dwellers.

If you’re buying, it could be an opportune time to beat the market before supply and prices inevitably go up.

There is an excellent window of opportunity if you are considering selling your home, while supply is relatively low and the buyer pool is active. Most people have a decent idea of what their property is worth and a simple way to gauge what you would be competing against in the market is to enter your details into a property website such as and see how you stack up. You might be surprised at just how competitive your property could be. 

When you're ready to take the next step, our experienced agents will provide you with a no-obligation and absolutely free property appraisal. As the longest operating and largest full-service independent agency on the Sunshine Coast, we are experts in the local property market and committed to making your real estate journey a successful one. 

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