Cheers Kyle on 10-years with Henzells

Cheers Kyle on 10-years with Henzells

Cheers Kyle on 10-years with Henzells

This week we celebrate Sales Manager Kyle Davies’ 10-year anniversary at Henzells Agency.

Kyle has been a driving force behind the residential sales team, a motivator, mentor and good mate to many – and it has been an interesting journey so far.

He is the first to admit, he did not achieve great academic heights at school, being politely told by teachers “education was not my thing” after grade nine, so he stepped out to make his own mark in the world.

A passionate surfer, he found a job as a pre-school assistant, the fact you could wear boardshorts to work and had plenty of free time to chase waves held loads of appeal. After three years of shaping young minds, he went onto shaping surfboards in various factories on the Central Coast of NSW, rubbing shoulders with some of the industry’s most colourful identities in the mid-1980s.

“Being constantly covered in foam dust” eventually wearing thin, he returned home to Port Macquarie in his early 20s, where his dad helped him land a job at the local pub. “I started off picking up glasses which was cool, but not as cool as being a barman so I became a barman. Then I noticed the managers walking around talking to people and not doing much, so I thought that is the job for me,’’ he joked.

It was the job for him, and Kyle would soon be managing the local tradies pub, the Royal Hotel, as well as the more business-oriented Port Macquarie Hotel for several years, his laid-back, approachable nature and strong leadership skills making him a top-shelf choice for the role.

“The pub industry gave me insight into how to treat people and how to get respect back quickly. You are dealing with tradies, teenagers, executives, elderly people coming in for lunch and special occasions – people from all walks of life. Working in hospitality is an excellent grounding for a real estate career,’’ he said.

He met his future wife Michelle at the hotel and for a time the pair would work at Hogs Breath Café with the view to purchasing their own business, eventually deciding the restaurant industry was not conducive to the kind of family life they desired. Kyle would hand in the apron and, in 1989, launch his property career.

“I went for five interviews at PRD Nationwide without a resume, just talked my way into the job, that’s how green I was,’’ Kyle said.

“I wanted to look like an agent so I bought a brand-new Holden Commodore, mobile phone (it was huge!) and new clothes."

“I was very fortunate. With good training and a bit of luck on my side, I listed three auctions which all sold in the first month. I thought ‘how easy is real estate!’.”

Kyle would become a top-10 agent and multiple award winner for the national franchise group when a holiday to the Sunshine Coast 20 years ago prompted a major lifestyle change.

“Michelle and I agreed this was a beautiful place to raise a family, so we moved here. I went from being a big fish to a small fish but haven’t looked back since.”

After spending about ten years with large branded agencies locally, a fateful cup of coffee with Henzells’ director Roy Henzell at Moffat Beach in 2013 would see Kyle recruited to the fold.

As Sales Manager, Kyle oversees all day-to-day operations of the residential sales business to grow opportunities for buyers and sellers, working closely with team members to ensure they get the support they need.

He is committed to helping Henzells build on its legacy as the region’s longest serving and most dominant independent, full service real estate agency with a proud 88-year history of giving back to the community.

In his spare time, he enjoys surfing, exploring the Coast, supporting local sport, browsing the markets and spending time with his family.

“10 years has gone quickly, the number of texts and phone calls of congratulations from past clients and staff has been humbling."

“I’m looking forward to being here for another 10 years and growing Henzells with the new generations who come through the doors,’’ he said.

“I always try to stay true to who I am and treat people the way I like to be treated myself,’’ he said.

Congratulations Kyle, we look forward to many more years to come.

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