Helping local sports teams reach goals

Helping local sports teams reach goals

Helping local sports teams reach goals

One of the most rewarding things we do at Henzells is giving back to the community we love.

Since first opening our doors in 1935, we have seen many changes as Caloundra has grown into the thriving coastal environment it is today.

And we haven’t just been along for the ride, rather, we have played an active role in contributing to and shaping the southern Sunshine Coast into the desirable destination it has become.

At the grassroots of the community are the many sporting organisations which play such an important role in bringing people together, developing social bonds, promoting goodwill and cooperation, and making everybody healthier and happier.

Over the years we have given numerous local sports groups a kick along by donating our time, equipment, uniforms, sunscreen, funds and much more to make their jobs a little easier and their balance sheets a little better so they can continue doing the great work they do.

This year we are proud to support a number of local groups including Unity Netball, PLC Netball, Mets Caloundra Surf Club, Caloundra Panthers AFL, Caloundra High School basketball and the Crimestoppers bowls day which we are jointly sponsoring with Pelican Waters.

A deep sense of community has been ingrained in our organisation for over 85 years. Communities matter. Feeling part of something bigger than yourself not only creates a sense of belonging, but immense pride when you are directly involved in its progress. 

Good luck to all our local sporting groups this year. Get out there and have a go, you are doing yourselves and the community proud.

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