Hey Lisa, pranks for making things fun

Hey Lisa, pranks for making things fun

Hey Lisa, pranks for making things fun

You’ve got to laugh, right? For Lisa Mollenhauer, one of Henzells’ longest-serving and most-valued staff members, service always comes with a smile.

“I’m always trying to cheer people up and make them smile, share jokes with them and lighten the mood,’’ she said. “Plus, life’s too short, you’ve got to have a laugh,’’ she said.

Lisa’s repertoire also extends to the occasional light-hearted jump scare on unsuspecting work colleagues, which have resulted in fits of laugher and, in one case, ‘legs giving way’ on a certain business development manager who will remain nameless.

Jokes aside, Lisa sets a shining example of professionalism and integrity in the workplace. Her outstanding work ethic and attention to detail was rewarded with the coveted Joan Ford award in 2020, and she is fast approaching 15 years’ service, which will see her name move into rare company on the Henzells Honour Board.

Lisa says every work day brings new challenges and although highly experienced in her field, she loves that there is still plenty more to learn.

As sales secretary, she works tirelessly behind the scenes and stays up to date with ever-changing legislation to ensure seamless transactions for agents and clients alike.

“I’m definitely a stickler for detail, I like to make sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted,” she said.

A typical day for Lisa may include dealing with emails from solicitors, working on trust accounts, checking settlements, processing contracts for agents, general correspondence and problem solving.

“I’m always learning something new even though I have been doing it for a long time. The (property) Act is so vast, and the legislation is always changing, it keeps you on your toes. 

“We are fortunate that Henzells puts a strong emphasis on training, and I have developed a lot of good relationships with solicitors over the years, which makes life easier,’’ she said.

A born and bred Sunshine Coaster, Lisa lives at Aura with her fiancé Wayne and enjoys camping, four-wheel-driving and spending time with their two rottweilers. The couple also operate a small dog-training business in their spare time.

“I can’t imagine myself ever leaving Henzells,’’ Lisa said.

“I have made a lot of life-time friends here, it is more like a family than a working atmosphere and I feel like if I was ever in trouble, there are people I could go to." 

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