Is your holiday rental property empty? This could be Wi

Is your holiday rental property empty? This could be Wi

Is your holiday rental property empty? This could be Wi

In this fast-paced, technical age, people feel the need to be connected like never before which is just as true when they’re kicking back on holidays and supposedly getting away from it all.

Did you know that one of the most common requests our holiday rental team is asked by people looking for holiday accommodation is whether there is Wi-Fi?

In fact, in the desirability stakes, it’s right up there with whether there are nice views. And while you can’t make breathtaking vistas appear like magic if you don’t have them, equipping your rental property with Wi-Fi is a simple and affordable process that will undoubtedly result in higher occupancy levels.

Henzells’ Holiday Team Leader Danielle Smithson says internet connection is simply a must-have for owners looking for consistent turnover and solid returns.

“As little as a year ago, Wi-Fi wasn’t really on the radar for guests when searching for their holiday accommodation – now it’s one of the most important things.

“People want to be connected, share their holiday memories on social media, and even check in with work from time to time.

“We also have a growing number of international guests looking for properties who simply expect Wi-Fi because it’s what they’re used to,’’ Danielle says.

Professionals in the medical and resources sector seeking short term accommodation, as well as sporting clubs visiting the region for the regular string of events also highlighted the need for fast and effective Wi-Fi.

“The properties renting the fastest are the ones with excellent Wi-Fi. There are a range of great plans out there for owners to consider, from around $80 per month unlimited, which is a small investment to help ensure your property is always performing at its peak.”

Top 5 questions Henzells’ holiday team is asked:

  1. Is it air conditioned?
  2. Does it have Wi-Fi?
  3. Is there a lift?
  4. Does it have views?
  5. Is it pet friendly? 
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