Market Not Cooling Off

Market Not Cooling Off

Market Not Cooling Off

One of the biggest myths in real estate is that it is hard to sell your home during winter.

In reality, there are a number of advantages that make winter an exciting time to market your property. 

At Henzells, our winter sales figures are traditionally on par with other seasons.  Our agents have the trusted processes to get the best results for vendors year-round.

So why is winter a good time to sell your home?

Generally speaking, a seasonal drop off in listings will mean those on the market in June, July and August could have a genuine opportunity for favourable outcomes due to less competition and a large active buyer pool.

Removed from the fast-paced action of spring and summer, sellers are also in a position to take a little more time considering offers and it is possible to achieve a better price than if you sold in the so-called peak seasons.

The things that drive people’s decisions to buy – jobs, schooling, sea change, growing family, shrinking family etc – happen all year round. People who are actively searching for a home don’t go into hibernation in winter. There are always buyers out there looking for sensibly priced homes, regardless of what month it is.

If you are warming to the idea of selling in winter, here are a few tips to improve your chances.

As always, make sure your home is exceptionally clean and tidy and that all necessary repairs are done.  Ensure the garden is neat, leaves are raked and all dead foliage trimmed away. In winter time it is important to let as much light into your home as possible. 

Create a warm and inviting ambience with the correct heating and touches such as candles and winter-toned cushions and throw rugs. If you’re due for an interior paint job, go with light neutral tones to create a sense of space.

The objective is to create a cosy, welcoming ambience while keeping the appearance fresh and clutter free.

Ultimately however, success in the property market hinges on just a handful of key factors. The right price, the right strategy and the right agent who understands the local area – these are the non-negotiables if you want results no matter what the season.

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