New School Benefits, Old World Charm

New School Benefits, Old World Charm

New School Benefits, Old World Charm

When Henzells Agency first opened its doors in Caloundra in 1935, radar had just been invented, nylon and canned beer were new on the scene and it would be up to two years before the world knew about the ball-point pen, jet engine and instant coffee.

Henzells would welcome its holiday guests to the then sleepy fishing town with a free pineapple and leave the office unlocked after hours so latecomers could grab the keys along with hand-written directions for their accommodation.

Communication was face to face or by letter, contracts were delivered by hand and deals were literally done with handshake.

Of course, times have changed and now we have every conceivable implement at our disposal to make life seemingly easier. At Henzells, however, the priority of putting people first and offering exceptional old-fashioned service has never gone out of style.

We understand that to thrive in the modern business environment you need to not only keep up with technology, but set the agenda for others to follow. Henzells is an industry leader with technologies including SEO, web and social media strategies, backed by traditional marketing platforms, steadfast systems and highly trained staff.

But it’s the old-school values imbedded in the DNA of our family owned business that set us apart. 

We understand that technology isn’t for everybody and want every client to feel as comfortable as possible.

We achieve high volumes of foot traffic through the doors of our Bulcock Street office where we go out of our way to ensure there is always a welcoming face to greet them.

Our friendly customer service team of three or more staff at the front desk can help with any request and we have a sales agent stationed front of house to speak with in person. If you've made the effort to come to our office, we'll be waiting for you.

Henzells also tailors communications plans to suit individual clients’ needs – some people like email, texting, social media or chatting on the phone, while others prefer to catch up over a cuppa and talk face to face.

It’s your call.

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