Nothing Beats A Holiday!

Nothing Beats A Holiday!

Nothing Beats A Holiday!

As we get on with life as best we can adjusting to the “new normal” of a COVID-19 world, it is worth taking the time to appreciate the positive things that are happening around us as well.

A focus on the simple things in life, a re-prioritisation of the importance of lifestyle, a surge in domestic tourism helping the local economy and the ever-growing appeal of the southern Sunshine Coast as the perfect place to live, work and play, has provided a silver lining in these challenging times. The beaches, cafes and accommodation of Caloundra and surrounds have rarely been busier, while residential and rental properties are being snapped up soon as they hit the market as buyers and renters clamber for their own piece of paradise.

Our holiday business, Accom Caloundra, is in uncharted waters dealing with record bookings on a monthly basis. January and February are well above the corresponding periods last year, and future bookings for Easter are off the charts. We have had to employ more local people to meet the demand, upgrade our booking platforms to cope with the increased traffic and are urgently seeking more holiday rental properties to list.

When border closures first threw the tourism industry into chaos, we got onto the front foot designing and implementing our own campaigns to maximise visitation to the area. 

During the recent Brisbane lockdown, which brought a sudden flood of city dwellers to our doorstep, we responded in real time to accommodate the huge influx, including implementing our mandatory property ‘deep cleans’, where other providers could not.

We cannot speak highly enough of our property managers and the holiday team who have all gone beyond their call of duty to ensure the best possible outcomes for all, and we thank the Caloundra residents and businesses for making our visitors feel at home when they get here.

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