Patience A Virtue In Challenging Times

Patience A Virtue In Challenging Times

Patience A Virtue In Challenging Times

There is no doubt that the past 12 months have been extremely challenging for all local businesses, the real estate sector being no exception.

After the initial shock when the pandemic first hit in March last year, the property industry on the southern Sunshine Coast has adapted well to the new normal to the point where demand across all levels of our business is arguably the highest in Henzells’ 85-year history.

This has brought significant upside for sellers and investors as property prices reach record highs, however it’s fair to say that some people are still struggling from the impact of COVID. 

Families looking for homes to rent are finding things tough at the moment. At Henzells we have been totally inundated with people looking for units and homes to rent, and our pride in the community dating back to when our doors first opened in 1935 means we are committed to helping wherever we can.

One of the most important things we do at Henzells is listen. Everyone’s circumstances are different, and we are passionate about maintaining gold-star service, tailoring individual solutions and lending a compassionate ear when needed. Through this approach we have been able to find permanent accommodation for renters time after time when other agencies have been unable to help them.

Meanwhile, the boom in domestic tourism has created incredible demand for holiday rentals, and sadly some people are missing out. Frustrations have also arisen from last minute border closures, throwing travel plans into disarray.  

We sympathise with people who have been impacted, however unfortunately things are out of our control. All that we ask for is your patience and respect as we will always try our best to accommodate as many people as possible and to minimise the disruption.

Thank you to the overwhelming majority of people who have demonstrated great patience and understanding. We really appreciate it!

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