Plans for Caloundra CBD Project

Plans for Caloundra CBD Project

Plans for Caloundra CBD Project

Now open for public opinion are the new plans for the Caloundra CBD project, proposing a new open and rejuvenated Caloundra CBD as part of the Caloundra Centre Master Plan. The draft released on the 13th of September 2016 shows plans which make Caloundra more cultural, open and up to date with the larger cities in regards to amenities, access and activities offered to residents and tourists.

The new plans for the Caloundra CBD Project include a new open air town centre surrounded by a library and museum designed to hold art, music and cultural events or shows. The updating and renewing of community facilities will broaden housing options to ensure continual growth within Caloundra’s population.

The focus is to capture and enhance the strong points already based in Caloundra CBD including enhancing and showcasing the natural beauty provided by the surrounds of beaches and parks based throughout the CBD. In enhancing the facilities through the Caloundra CBD Project the end result will include an increased opportunity to hold events from music, art to sporting events building the economy and tourism focus. Also by renewing the town centre and redefining Caloundra CBD it will increasingly strengthen the appeal for families, business people and also young people to move to the area, invest in the area and spend time within Caloundra CBD.

The new plans for the Caloundra CBD Project also include plans to address many access issues currently felt by Caloundra’s residents and guests. Plans include possible introduction of a ‘Light Rail’ which will be built connecting Maroochydore and Caloundra with the possibility to continue further into Caloundra’s  Aura. Also introducing new ramps from Arthur St and Queen St to enhance accessibility of the city centre and create a new entry for Bulcock Street providing opportunities for gateway development. The Caloundra CBD Project also has plans for new public parking facilities focusing on enhancing accessibility.

Overall the Caloundra CBD Project is focused on activating Caloundra as a town, promoting Caloundra as a tourist destination, creating a network of centres and finally becoming the City of Beaches.

Review the new plans for the Caloundra CBD Project on the Have Your Say Sunshine Coast Councils web page or in print at Council’s Customer Service Centre (Omrah Avenue), The Smart Centre, The Events Centre or the Caloundra, Kawana or Beerwah libraries before the 7th of October 2016 and have your say!

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