Results Add Up For a Positive Outlook

Results Add Up For a Positive Outlook

Results Add Up For a Positive Outlook

The southern Sunshine Coast property market continues to enjoy high levels of optimism despite a slight cooling due to the inevitable impacts of interest rates and inflation.

Our region benefits from a number of unique factors that positively impact price growth outside of the interest rate equation, leaving us less vulnerable than other markets such as the southern capitals.

Our unbeatable lifestyle is driving record interstate migration, employment is very strong and the region is experiencing a raft of high end residential and lifestyle developments plus unprecedented infrastructure spending as we ready for the Brisbane Olympics in 2032.

The numbers don’t lie. Henzells End of Financial Year results make for positive reading, with growth recorded across many aspects of the business as we continue to meet all challenges head on.
Here’s a small sample of what we achieved in the 12 months to June 30. 

Henzells negotiated 387 property settlements for a total amount of $255,478,800, a 23.7% increase on last year’s figure.

The settlements comprised $147,383,605 in residential homes, $30,011,133 for commercial property and $78,084,062 in land sales.    

The average sale price was $865,790, 18.3% higher than the corresponding period last year. Our infatuation with all things property showed no signs of slowing down with Henzells’ sites achieving close to 7.5 million video and social media views.

With the rental market remaining the tightest in memory, we treated the responsibility of helping those in need very seriously whilst safeguarding the best interests of our property owners.

We negotiated 455 new leases at an average rent of $577 per week, processed 11,076 rental enquiries and hosted 391 property inspections. 

Property owners experienced amongst the lowest vacancy rates on record at 0.01% while rent was paid on time in 99.3% of cases, testament to our proven property management systems and thorough tenant selection processes.

The great Aussie beach holiday was alive and well, with our Accom Caloundra holiday team once again having a very solid year.  Booking numbers increased 15% to 3372, equating to 29,930 nights stayed, a 4000-night boost on last financial year.  The average occupancy rate was 71.25%.

The total value of bookings was just shy of $3 million while money held in future bookings is more than $1.8 million.

Henzells will continue to take new challenges in our stride to achieve the best possible outcomes for our customers, staff and the community.

In changing market conditions, your choice of agency has never been more important. Henzells has the runs on the board as a local area specialist for more than 85 years – a trusted brand across all facets of the property industry.

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