Show Your Blue Heart

Show Your Blue Heart

Show Your Blue Heart

Living in such a beautiful community as the Sunshine Coast, it can be easy to forget some of the terrible challenges and misfortunes faced by others.

One of the causes that is very dear to us at Henzells is the Blue Heart Campaign – a global awareness initiative to fight human trafficking and its impact on society.

Human trafficking is a crime that strips people of their rights, ruins their dreams and robs them of their futures. It is a global problem that sees millions of people every year fall into the hands of traffickers, lured by fake promises and deceit.

Blue Heart seeks to encourage involvement from governments, community groups, the corporate sector and individuals to inspire action and help prevent this terrible crime.

The Blue Heart is becoming increasingly recognised as the international symbol against human trafficking, representing the sadness of those who are trafficked while reminding people of the cold heartedness of those who buy and sell fellow human beings.

Henzells Agency is passionate about standing together and supporting worthy causes such as the Blue Heart Campaign which has organised a World Day Against Trafficking in Persons for July 30.

If you are interested in showing solidarity for victims, and perhaps donating to the United Nations voluntary trust fund that supports them, visit to find out more.

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