Spring Into Action

Spring Into Action

Spring Into Action

Whilst Henzells enjoys strong and relatively consistent sales levels year-round, there is no denying the arrival of spring brings a fresh vitality to the market.

Many people spend the colder winter months preparing their homes for a spring sale, and the start of the season traditionally heralds the onset of the main auction selling period for the year.

Often selling is a two-step process, where people who sell their properties are looking to buy a replacement one soon after.

The start of spring is a good time to get the ball rolling in this regard as an early sale means more time during the warmer months to find a new home, settle in,  and hopefully be relaxing on the new deck by Christmas.

The countdown to spring has been highly encouraging at Henzells where relatively low stock levels and a motivated market is driving strong results, with the auction process in particular providing excellent outcomes.

If you are thinking of selling, it is a sensible time to be on the market over the next six months or so.

Here are some essential tips to make the most of your chances this spring.

Have a marketing strategy: Successful vendors use a multi-pronged approach including the internet, newspaper advertising, neighbourhood campaigns, a database plan, signage, the best photography, editorials, open homes and the absolute best agent working for them.

Engage an area specialist: Using an agent who specialises in the area, works in the area and loves the area will give you the best results every time.

Do your homework: Attend as many open homes and auctions as you can and take notice of what comparable properties are selling for in the local area so you can make informed decisions about value and price.

Presentation is king: Remove all signs of winter by trimming dead foliage, clearing paths and raking leaves. Consider planting seasonal plants and flowers and apply mulch for a fresh, tidy look.  Clean and de clutter your home, consider fresh paint, ensure all repairs are done, create a welcoming entrance and pay attention to street appeal as most buyers decide within minutes of seeing a home whether they will consider buying it or not.

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