Sunshine Coast Airport Redevelopment

Sunshine Coast Airport Redevelopment

Sunshine Coast Airport Redevelopment

The redevelopment of the Sunshine Coast airport has been the talk of the town for a lot of Sunshine Coast residents promising to create significant economical benefits for the region. Every aspect of the project has been reviewed from economical, noise regulations, ecological effects and of course tourism and as of yet; it’s a proposal hard to fault.

For local residents situated around the airport it’s great news with the new plans reducing noise to at least 3,500 residents upon opening the runway and then a further 1700 residents by 2040. Alongside the noise reduction this expansion will also offer more than 2250 permanent jobs for locals and many more throughout the expansion.

From an economical point of view the redevelopment of the Sunshine Coast airport will potentially attract an additional two million passengers per year by 2040 hugely increasing the tourism appeal of the Sunshine Coast. Between 2020 and 2040 it will provide a 4.1 billion dollar increase to the Sunshine Coast economy and of course continually supporting the development of the region.

The Sunshine Coast airport redevelopment promises a fully compliant runway set by aviation standards which will secure our future aviation access. It will also remove the air load constraints and provide better connections for both international and domestic flights allowing increased access for the community, tourists, local businesses and freight inclusive.

Although the redevelopment is still in the works we can be assured exciting growth will continue to happen for the Sunshine Coast airport as their domestic airline partners have added over 65,000 extra seats to the services available to the Sunshine Coast. Over summer and up until March 2017 there will be an additional 24,200 seats to and from Sydney, 16,920 between Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast and recently Adelaide has been connected with 23,400 seats available.

This huge increase in available seats on flights helps promise this summer will be at it’s best tourism wise making us more accessible than ever before. Making the Sunshine Coast more accessible will be a game changer in the tourism industry because with out beautiful climate, stunning beaches and activities for anyone and everyone why go anywhere else.

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