The Hunt Is On For Local Heroes

The Hunt Is On For Local Heroes

The Hunt Is On For Local Heroes

The world needs heroes like never before. Lucky for us, the southern Sunshine Coast has a plentiful supply. It’s part of what makes our community so special.

A hero is a special breed who doesn’t seek the limelight. You’ll seldom see them on the news or hear them shouting their own praises. It’s their good deeds that do all the talking, enriching the lives of everyone around them and making the world a better place.

As a proud part of the local community for more than 85 years, Henzells Agency is very thankful to the many people who go above and beyond, volunteering their time and resources so others can shine.

Starting today (1 October) our very own Henzells Hero is on a mission to find five local heroes on the Southern Sunshine Coast who deserve $500 each as a big thank you for all they do.

Not all heroes wear capes, so they may need your help to be identified. They could be the tireless workers at your local schools, sporting clubs, community groups or charities who give so much, yet ask for so little in return.

Click here to nominate your local hero today and good luck!


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