The value of effective real estate marketing

The value of effective real estate marketing

The value of effective real estate marketing

Selling your home is a significant endeavour that requires the right team behind you and careful planning to achieve optimal results.

The chances are you have heard of the importance of marketing and you might be wondering if it is worth the expense.

While some owners may be hesitant about the costs associated with marketing, it is important to recognise that this expenditure is an investment which can yield substantial returns in terms of increased selling price and speed of sale.

This is particularly true in today’s market where quality presentation and exposure across multiple channels will drive the competition necessary to generate more and higher-priced offers for your home.

One of the key advantages of partnering with Henzells is our commitment to presenting your home in the best possible light. Our access to experienced property stylists and our own in-house marketing team and dedicated sales support staff ensure your property’s appeal is optimised and you’re plugged into a network that reaches far and wide.

To give some examples, since we launched the Henzells’ YouTube channel in 2010 we have amassed nearly 107,000 views demonstrating the power of video, while also providing owners a great keepsake of their home.

On in the last six months, Henzells properties received 600,277 views. Over a three- day period in June we received a total of 16,185 views on REA alone, resulting in 229 enquiries!

In the past 12 months we achieved 68,000 impressions on Google, reaching 45,000 people. On Facebook, our properties attracted 2.68 million impressions and were seen by 402,000 potential buyers who viewed 36,558 complete videos.

Meanwhile the Henzells website had 162,000 visits, generating 7,300 leads. In the last month alone, we attracted 13,655 visits, turning tables on the old idea that winter is a quiet time for real estate.

On top of this, we compile a weekly snapshot distributed to almost 30,000 people promoting the latest listings and open home times.

With these results in mind, we believe it’s not a case of whether you can afford marketing but whether you can afford not to.

Talk to us today about the best marketing strategies for a quick and effective sale.

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