Time to Pull Together

Time to Pull Together

Time to Pull Together

Like all businesses, we are doing our utmost to adapt in these unprecedented times brought on by coronavirus.

Our number one priority is for the health and wellbeing of our staff, customers and the community, and to continue to run the strong and successful agency that has been the dominant force in Caloundra real estate since 1935.

Australians are resilient people. We learnt some wonderful lessons about ourselves during the fire and flood crises which ravaged our communities, but in many ways brought us closer together.

The traits we displayed so proudly during past challenges – kindness, cooperation and concern for others – are now more important than ever so we never allow this current situation to drive us apart.

At Henzells, we have encouraged staff to reach out to past clients, particularly the elderly, to see how they are coping.   

In our work environment, we are staying flexible as the circumstances evolve and, of course, continue to follow all the required health protocols.

In most ways it is business as usual.  Our doors are still open as we deal with the regular flow of people looking for properties to buy, sell or rent. We are ready to help with your real estate needs no matter how big or small, or are here for you if you simply want to have a chat.

At the discretion of our vendors, open homes continue to run, with some extra precautions put in place such as limiting group sizes where required, reminding visitors not to touch items they don’t have to, providing plenty of hand sanitizer etc. 

In our holiday department, while there have been cancellations with international bookings, domestic traffic remains encouraging.

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The Southern Sunshine Coast has plenty of beautiful open beaches, national parks and other world-class attractions to explore so we would encourage anybody within range who is considering cancelling their holiday plans to jump in the car and come and visit us. Local businesses would love to see you!

We will continue to keep you updated as more news comes to hand with this ever-changing issue.  

In the meantime, stay healthy and look after each other!

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