Tips for a winter sale

Tips for a winter sale

Tips for a winter sale

One of the common misconceptions in real estate is that winter can put the freeze on sales.

There are 23 million reasons to highlight why this does not need to be the case, which was the dollar value in sales achieved by Henzells in June, well over double the corresponding month last winter.

Record results aside, selling your home in winter does come with unique challenges which need to be considered if you wish to maximise results. There are several strategies that can be used to make your home stand out and attract potential buyers.

Staging for the season is an important one. Use winter themed decorations, warm colours and soft lighting to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. Consider adding cozy throws, fluffy cushions and fresh flowers to enhance the ambiance.

You will also want to maximise natural light during the shorter daylight hours. Open curtains and blinds and keep windows clean. Consider using additional lighting strategically to brighten up darker areas of the home.

Engaging a professional photographer is a smart move to ensure your property is presented in the best possible light. With most people beginning their property searches online, looks are everything. As the old saying goes, you only get one chance at a first impression!
As always, make sure your home is exceptionally clean, tidy and clutter free and that all necessary repairs are done. Ensure the garden is neat, leaves are raked and all dead foliage trimmed away.

One of the benefits of a winter sale is that with fewer properties on the market, there is less competition. Removed from the fast-paced action of spring and summer, sellers are also able to take a little more time considering offers and it is possible to achieve a better price than if you sold in the so-called peak seasons.
Buyers who are active tend to be more genuine, meaning your agent can spend more time speaking with legitimate prospects ready to make an offer on the right property.

No matter what the season, the important first step is to work with your local real estate agent. Partner with a knowledgeable and experienced agent who can provide valuable insights, help market your home effectively and guide you through the selling process.

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