Understanding the new rental laws, why experience matters

Understanding the new rental laws, why experience matters

Understanding the new rental laws, why experience matters

As you may already be aware, The Queensland Government recently passed the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2024, strengthening the rights of renters.

For landlords and tenants alike, staying informed of legislative changes is crucial to ensuring a smooth and compliant rental experience. This makes relationships with qualified property management experts, such as Henzells Agency, more important than ever, particularly in today’s challenging landscape of rental supply and affordability. 

With more than 34 per cent of Queensland households in the rental market, our state has one of the highest proportions of renters in Australia. 

The residential property market is vital to Queensland’s economy, and maintaining a steady supply of investors is key to ensuring rental and housing affordability. While a review of rental laws has been long overdue, changes should not undermine a landlord’s right to make decisions and maintain control over their properties.

Tenants are entitled to safe and secure homes, which includes the right to request repairs, maintenance, and upgrades to meet safety and security requirements. At the same time, property owners must have the right to expect tenants to pay rent on time and maintain their property throughout the tenancy. 

Clarity in laws is essential for property professionals to effectively manage relationships between the parties. The solution is rental reforms that protect both people and property.

Common sense must also prevail. One such example are the by-laws regarding renting with pets where a tenant must seek written approval from the Body Corporate. Currently, Body Corporates have a lengthy 21-day period to respond. This process could be streamlined to ensure timely and fair decisions for tenants.

At Henzells Agency, our experienced rental team, specialising in both residential and commercial properties, ensures that both tenants and owners benefit from consistent and personalised management. 

Our staff are continually training and seeking professional advice on new legislation. Recently, we participated in a vital session with industry trainer Stacey Holt from Real Estate Excellence as part of our ongoing commitment to providing top tier service and ensuring compliance with the latest rental laws.

For landlords, keeping up with the ever-changing legislation can be a challenge. Ensuring compliance with all legal requirements is not only essential for avoiding penalties but also for maintaining positive relationships with tenants. Professional property managers are becoming an increasingly invaluable resource. 

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog about navigating the tough rental market as cost-of-living pressures continue to impact households.
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