Henzells Hero Winners


Henzells Agency established the Henzells Hero competition to recognise and say a big thank you to those people who have made a positive impact on the community and the lives of others. They are people who are supportive and always go above and beyond no matter what.

To honour their amazing efforts, Henzells Agency gave away $500 each to 5 local heroes on the Sunshine Coast.

Congratulations to our winners!


Kellie is the heart and soul of the Golden Beach State School community. As president of the P&C, she volunteers an enormous amount of time supporting the school such as running the tuckshop, organising BBQs and events, and so much more. On top of this, she is always campaigning to raise funds to ensure the kids enjoy the best school environment possible. Kellie is someone who goes above and beyond to help the community and is a true local hero. 


Mark has been a driving force behind Disabled Surfers Sunshine Coast for eight years now, and the group’s president for the past six years. He puts in the hard work, organising fundraising activities and running the events, which are free to all surfers. 

Mark continually volunteers his time to ensure the charity has the required permits, all equipment is safe and ready to use, and that team leaders are trained and meet government requirements. His reward is seeing everyone at the events have a fantastic time. 


Ann dedicates huge amounts of her spare time fundraising to help support the local Mets Caloundra nippers. Her sons may not be nippers anymore, however she continues to go the extra mile to help out. Ann spends six hours every weekend selling raffle tickets to raise funds for the nippers to go to events including the Australian championships in Perth next year. In addition, Ann teaches the nippers respect, honesty and important life skills such as holding well-mannered conversations with patrons and supporters of the club. Ann is an excellent role model in the community and her efforts are greatly appreciated.


Sam is the founder of the mateship movement, Grab Life By The Balls, a space for men to connect rather than go through life in loneliness. He selflessly spends his time travelling around the state, hosting events, sharing his story and bringing people together. 

Two years ago, Sam's nominator was one of the many to benefit from the program and they are now both helping change other people’s lives for the better. Sam's amazing work is certainly creating a positive ripple effect across the community. 


Jodie is an inspirational figure in Sunshine Coast sport, selflessly offering her time and expertise to motivate, educate and train young swimmers. The sacrifices she makes in order to give back to the community, instilling the healthy values of teamwork, perseverance and fun in our up-and-coming youth is greatly valued.


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